My Journey to Diagnosis: How I Discovered I Had Colon Cancer

When I was first diagnosed with colon cancer, I was in shock. I had no idea that I was even at risk for the disease, let alone that I had it. Looking back, I can see how my journey to diagnosis was a long and winding road.

It all started with a routine colonoscopy. I had been feeling a bit off for a few weeks, but I didn’t think much of it. I was in my late 40s and I figured it was just a sign of aging. But when I went in for my colonoscopy, the doctor found a polyp. He said it was likely benign, but he wanted to take a biopsy to be sure.

The biopsy results came back a few weeks later and they showed that the polyp was cancerous. I was stunned. I had no idea that I was at risk for colon cancer. I had no family history of the disease and I had always been healthy.

My doctor referred me to a specialist for further testing. I had a CT scan and a PET scan, which showed that the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. I was then referred to an oncologist for treatment.

The oncologist put me on a course of chemotherapy and radiation. I was scared, but I was determined to beat this disease. I followed my treatment plan and after a few months, I was declared cancer-free.

My journey to diagnosis was a long and difficult one, but I am so thankful that I caught it early. I am now a strong advocate for colon cancer screening and I urge everyone to get tested. Early detection is key to beating this disease.